SkyDemon adds in-app support for SkyEcho

It’s now easier than ever to use the SkyEcho traffic device with SkyDemon, the flightplanning and navigation app.

SkyEcho is a portable Electronic Conspicuity ADS-B In/Out transceiver designed for Europe including the UK.

The maker of SkyEcho, uAvionix, has announced native in-app configuration support through SkyDemon, making it easy for users to enable/disable SkyEcho’s ADS-B transmission, set the transmitted callsign, and edit the aircraft’s hex code in a convenient settings panel in SkyDemon on IOS and Android.

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In most situations, once SkyEcho has been configured, the pilot will not need to adjust settings, says uAvionix.

However, by bringing SkyEcho’s configuration into SkyDemon, pilots who may fly multiple aircraft will find it easier to update the aircraft information transmitted by SkyEcho on the fly without leaving the application.

uAvionix and SkyDemon believe this integration will simplify SkyEcho’s ADS-B experience for pilots and provide those who may be unfamiliar with ADS-B a user-friendly solution to start flying safer with Electronic Conspicuity.

The UK DfT and CAA are offering pilots and UAS operators a £250 rebate against the purchase of eligible EC devices such as SkyEcho. More info here.



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