Zenair Cruzer fuselage to be built at LAA Rally

Metal Seagulls, the UK dealer for Zenair and ULPower, is to build a Zenair CH750 Cruzer fuselage at this year’s LAA Rally, held at Sywell from 31 August to 2 September.

“We are so pleased to have the LAA approval to build the first Zenair CH750 Cruzer in the UK, and we will expect to build the complete CH750 fuselage over the three-day event,” said Patricia Porter, director of Metal Seagulls.

“The CH750 range is supplied with ‘match-hole’ technology which not only saves time on the build but also ensures greater plans compliance, builder confidence and reduces mistakes.”

Zenair aircraft are constructed from 6061T6 aluminium with a welded 4130 steel cabin frame.  The cabin frame comes from the factory with ‘self-jigging’ location holes.

The CH750 Cruser shares a similar design to the CH750 STOL aircraft. However the CRUZER has a single strut wing, mass balanced controls, smaller tyres, larger instrument panel, and a fin and rudder arrangement (as opposed to the all-flying rudder of the STOL). Consequently, the aircraft is about 20% faster in the cruise and uses around 100m of runway to get airborne.

Metal Seagulls

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