Wallis Heritage receives charitable status, seeks funds

Sixty years after Wing Commander Ken Wallis flew his first homebuilt autogyro, the collection that looks after Wallis’s aircraft and memorabilia has received charitable status.

Wallis Heritage includes the internationally famous ‘Little Nellie’ of James Bond movie fame. The full collection includes 18 autogyros and the ‘Flying Wallbro’ replica.

Ken’s Girls, as Wallis liked to refer to them, have collectively set 34 world records for class E3 [any autogyro] and class 3a [autogyros under 500kg].

Wallis Heritage is seeking funds to exhibit and to restore at least one of Wallis autogyro to flying condition.

For those willing to help, Wallis Heritage can be contacted through Ken’s daughter, Vicky Wallis, by email. 

The original ‘Little Nellie’ flown in the Bond film You Only Live Twice, and the Wallbro flying replica are at the Shuttleworth collection at Old Warden in Bedfordshire.

For more on the amazing Ken Wallis, read this.

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