VFR ‘hotspots’ register and map published

A register of the hotspots within the UK for VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flying has been published by FASVIG. It shows all types of VFR flying, including gliding, parachuting and hang-gliding, and can be displayed on Google Earth.

It’s the second edition of the FASVIG VFR register, compiled by Trevor Wilcock and Bob Ellis. They conducted a thorough review of the original VFR Signifant Areas Register, added many new areas and incorporated data from the parachuting, gliding and hang-gliding communities.

Where the UK goes VFR flying, according to FASVIG. The big X represents the areas of most intense glider flying, apparently. Click on image for a bigger version. Source: FASVIG/Google Earth

One new feature is the depiction of the various VSAs, regulated airspace and “heat maps” as overlays to Google Earth – details of which may be found in the new Register. In the future, it is hoped that this visual representation may be web-hosted.

It is also hoped that the Register will be useful in the development/review of new airspace change proposals. It will providing an at-a-glance view as to why subject airspace is significant to the VFR community and (in particular) those associations, organisations, airfields, other sites and clubs that are listed.

FASVIG VFR Significant Areas


  1. Very interesting BUT what about paragliders / Para motors? Gliding, parachuting and hang-gliding have been mentioned but there is a huge amount of cross country paragliding going on, parachuting does not, as far as I know, fly cross country at all! If ‘hang-gliding’ was meant to include paragliders then this is an error that should be corrected because they are both very different from each other.

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