uAvionix adds AV-Link Wi-Fi bridge to panel

Avionics company uAvionix has launched a new product called AV-Link. It’s a Wi-Fi bridge for the AV-30 electronic panel display.

AV-Link adds a bunch of new features to the AV-30 including live airborne traffic from a supported ADS-B receiver. It also provides the ability to wirelessly update AV-30’s firmware.

Importantly, AV-Link opens up the AV-30 to future functionality and connectivity with other wireless-enabled avionics in the cockpit.

With AV-Link, pilots have the ability to wirelessly connect a supported ADS-B Receiver, such as ForeFlight Sentry or Sentry Mini, echoUAT, SkyEcho, skySensor, or any standard GDL90 Wi-Fi protocol portable ADS-B receiver with GPS to AV-30 and see live ADS-B traffic displayed in the panel.

AV-Link is now available for experimental aircraft with the certified model expected to be available later this year.

uAvionix AV-30 traffic
Traffic display on the uAvionix AV-30, possible using the AV-Link bridge

uAvionix also says that with avionics expected to last decades, software updates are critical to functional integrity and longevity. AV-Link makes it possible to install updates by Wi-Fi.

All sorts of integrations and new functionality is now possible, says uAvionix.

“Many features are in development and the uAvionix team is partnering with several innovative companies to explore the possibilities and continue to work towards the ultimate connected cockpit powered by AV-30 and AV-Link,” contiune s a company statement.

The price of AV-Link for experimental (Permit) aircraft is $299. AV-Link for certified aircraft is currently pending STC certification and is expected to begin shipping Winter 2021.


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