Truro Airfield seeks support for log cabins

The operator of Truro Airfield is asking for the support of GA pilots for a planning application to build 17 holiday log cabins and create a private lake in a field adjacent to the airfield.

Graham Barral, owner of the airfield and pilot of Piper PA-28 180 based there, told FLYER,

“The development will be an ecologically sound one. We have a wind turbine on site that will power the homes, plus each home will have solar panels on its roof and will be constructed from timber.

“We will provide electric car charging points on site and we will lease three electric cars for pilots to rent if need be.

“There will be kayak and bicycle hire on site and a small convenience shop providing essentials. This will be a high quality development aimed at pilots.

“The lake we will construct will also enhance the biodiversity on site.”

Truro Airfield
Truro Airfield is 3nm west of Truro with a grass runway. The log cabin development is proposed for the field to the left of the label. Top: planned holiday park with log cabins around a lake

“The income from it will be invested in the airfield to upgrade the facilities, including a new fuel system and more hangarage, to ensure its long term survivability.

“The site is on the other side of the hedge from the airfield and aircraft can be parked against the hedge.”

The planning application, ref PA20/10725, can be viewed on the Cornwall Council website here.


    1. Thank you for your support. If you have the time please add this on PA20/10725 with Cornwall Council. Graham Barral

    1. Thank you for your support. If you have the time please add this on PA20/10725 with Cornwall Council. Graham Barral

  1. Great idea and would like to see more of this sort of airfield development in the UK. Grass airfields lend themselves to this as does this part of England. I very much hope it happens. Would love to come out and have a stay.

    1. Thank you very much for your support. Most appreciated. If we are successful, please come and visit.

  2. Sounds good to me, Mr.Barral, and I wish you well with your planning application.
    It was attempted at Henstridge some years ago but was unsuccessful.
    I fail to see what objection local councils have to such developments. There are many in other countries, certainly in the USA and even in France.
    Good luck.

  3. Hi Graham. I’ve seen your plans on the Council website and am very impressed. I have left a comment of support, and wish you success in gaining approval soon. I hope to see you in the not too distant future with my new wing. Cheers

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