Tony Rapson to stand down from CAA GA Unit

Tony Rapson is to stand down from his role as Head of the General Aviation Unit at the CAA.

“The GA Unit Team and the CAA has achieved a tremendous amount over the last five years for GA and we should all be proud of that,” said Mr Rapson today.

“There is still much to do and I do not intend to let up between now and my departure and of course there will be much for my successor and the Team to continue to do once I have left.”

Mr Rapson intends to step down by 31 May 2019, and says the reasons are personal.

“I agreed with the Director of Safety and Airspace Regulation, the extended notice period so that there is the necessary time to recruit and handover to my successor,” he said.

Mr Rapson is in the centre of the photo above, with the LAA’s Francis Donaldson, left, and Stever Slater.


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