Temporary Danger Areas established in English Channel

New Temporary Danger Areas in the English Channel come into effect today (September 1 2020). The details, published here by NATS, will also be available in a Yellow AIC, although that’s not expected to be available before September 24, more than three weeks after the TDAs come into effect.

The complex of 11 areas is being established to facilitate transiting and search operations by a number of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems that will be operating, beyond visual line of sight, from Lydd.

The individual ares will be activated by NOTAM, usually with 22 hours notice. Information will also be available from Lydd Approach (120.705MHz) and London Information (124.6 MHz).

A number of VFR routes from either the LYD or DVR VORs to various airways points have been established to make life easier or at least less problematic for GA pilots heading to France, although certainly levels may not be available in when one or more of four Danger Areas are active. It’s not clear from the documentation how the routes should be used, nor if any additional regulation applies to the Danger Areas.

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