Tecnam certifies P2002 Sierra to German 600kg ‘opt-out’ regs

Tecnam has certified its low-wing P2002 Sierra MkII to new German microlight 600kg rules. 

EASA recently introduced a change to allow national aviation authorities to take control of the 600kg category via an ‘opt-out’.

Germany is one of the first countries to declare the opt-out, implementing new German 600kg technical LTF-UL rules. It is also the first country to develop and publish the necessary airworthiness requirements for these aircraft, delegating the certification process to the DULV (Deutscher Ultraleichtflugverband e.V.) agency.

The increased weight allowance for a microlight means greater safety, as the aircraft can be equipped with a parachute, more avionics and more fuel.

Tecnam cockpit

The MkII Tecnam P2002 Sierra has an improved cabin for greater comfort, new avionics, new paint colours, several interior options and a redesigned cowling for the 100hp Rotax engine.

In non-European countries, the P2002 Sierra MkII is available in the Ultralight, US Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental categories, whereas the certified version, the P2002JF, is available as the European CS-VLA and soon the CS23 IFR.

The UK CAA held a consultation on the 600kg opt-out which ended on 29 November 2019.

Tecnam Aircraft

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