Team GB six head for World Intermediate Aeros

Six British pilots are taking part in the 2019 World Intermediate Aerobatic Championships this week, being staged in the Czech Republic.

They are:

  • Tony Walsh, who started flying in gliders before gaining his PPL and moving to an Extra 200.
  • Adrian Willis, a former Army Air Corps pilot and navigator in the RAF, now in IT and an instructor with the British Aerobatic Academy. Adrian is also the UK agent for the Czech GenPro single seat aerobatic aircraft he’s flying in the WIAC.
  • Dave Farley, also started flying gliders before his PPL. Used to fly a Pitts S2-A but now competes in a CAP 231 EX.
  • Simon Wood, started aeros in a Robin DR200 soon after hetting his PPL in 2011, now flies an Edge 360.
  • Graeme Fudge, another who started in gliders before his PPL, taught aeros by Alan Cassidy and now flies a CAP 232.
  • Trevor Dugan, former Tornado RAF pilot, now flies an Extra 330.

Follow Team GB’s activities here on Dave Farley’s blog

British Aerobatics
World Intermediate Aerobatic Championships 2019

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