Sling 4 High Wing makes first flight

+VIDEO South African kitplane maker Sling Aircraft has given its new four-seat high wing Sling 4 its first test flight.

The flight was on 18 December 2020 at Tedderfield Airpark, Johannesburg, where Sling Aircraft is based. The pilots were company founders Mike Blyth and James Pitman.

“With our company Christmas party cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, we decided to get the whole team together at Tedderfield Airpark to be a part of this historic event and a small year-end celebration!” said Andrew Pitman, managing director of Sling.

“True to form, the Sling 4 High Wing did not disappoint. Mike and James took to the air after a couple of high-speed taxis and took turns flying circuits high above the airfield.”

The Sling 4 High Wing is equipped with a ballistic parachute recovery system, Garmin G3X Touch glass cockpit, 141hp Rotax 915 iS turbocharged engine and an Airmaster constant-speed propeller.

Sling Aircraft

Fast Facts
Sling 4 High Wing
Engine Rotax 915 iS, producing 141hp/105kW
Max speed (Vne) 155kias
Cruise speed 145ktas @ 9,500ft
Stall speed Clean 55kias, full flaps 47kias
Max crosswind 15kt
Takeoff ground roll 590ft
Landing distance 492ft
Rate of climb 1,000ft/min
Maximum altitude 18,000ft
Endurance 8 hours
Range @ 75% Power 880nm (with 45min reserve)

Wingspan 31.3ft
Length 23.54ft
Height 8ft
Cabin width 46.5in

Standard empty weight 570kg
Maximum useful load 480kg
Maximum takeoff weight 1,050kg

Sling 4 High Wing
The new four-seat Sling 4 High Wing. Photos & video: Sling Aircraft

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