Flylight Skyranger: £36k ready to fly!

Sywell-based FlyLight Airsports is the UK’s newest aircraft manufacturer and is now offering the Skyranger fixed-wing microlight as a complete ready to fly aircraft. And it costs from just £36,000 plus VAT!

Flylight recently gained A8-1 manufacturing approval from the UK CAA for factory-built aircraft. It will offer both the Nynja and the simpler Swift model as ready to fly aircraft, as well as continuing to produce kits for pilots wanting to build their own.

Flylight has been in business since 1995 and manufactures microlight aircraft and offers microlight flight training. The company became dealers for the French-produced Best Off Skyranger kitplane series in 2003, and took on the design and manufacturing in late 2016.

Skyranger Nynja
The first ready-to-fly Skyranger Nynja from the UK’s newest manufacturer, Flylight Airsports

The aircraft pictured here, Skyranger Nynja G-CLOU, is the 300th of the Skyranger family in the UK and the first ready to fly example, built at Flylight Airsports manufacturing facility at Sywell.

The ready to fly Nynja and Swift comply with the current microlight definition but are also capable of moving to a higher weight limit to take advantage of the proposed 600kg category.

“Flylight would like to thank the helpful staff at CAA for making the process less painful than feared, and the BMAA for assisting to get the first Permit issued in the midst of Covid complications,” said Paul Dewhurst, director at Flylight.

“The order books are already healthy with a mixture of flying school and private orders.”

Flylight Airsports

Skyranger Nynja
Cockpit of the Skyranger Nynja


  1. I have just aquired a Skyranger from a deceased estate . It has a Rotax 582 engine with 110 hrs. It is not well built in the firewall forward area so I am redoing it , but run into a problem with the firewall. The builders plan talks of a firewall template which I do not have. Would it be possible for you to send me via the internet a diamentioned drawing.


    Robert Hayes

  2. 36k+vat is 43K .. I just had the price lists and ready to fly price lists. basically add between 20k and 24K for the ready to fly (ie factory built). The article is not at all accurate. A ready to fly delivery even in the most basic configuration is knocking 60K (inc vat)

    But went for a flight earlier this week in a ULS100 version .. fantastic !! was not thinking of buying, just learning on one, but now …. really nice inside and lovely in the air

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