Siemens sells e-aircraft business to Rolls-Royce

Siemens is to sell its eAircraft unit to Rolls-Royce. The deal was announced today at the Paris Air Show and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“Our eAircraft team, under the leadership of Frank Anton, has made aviation history several times in the past ten years and is a pioneer in electric and hybrid-electric systems for aircraft,” said Roland Busch, CTO and COO of Siemens AG.

“With Rolls-Royce, we’ve found a perfect home for this business and have placed its expertise in the hands of one of Airbus’ close partners.

“We will continue to cooperate with Rolls-Royce, in particular by making our digital solutions portfolio available in order to facilitate this major step toward sustainable, lower-emission aviation.”

Siemens eAircraft is an in-house startup with around 180 employees,  developing electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems for the aerospace industry.

The unit has converted an Extra 300 to electric power and produces a series of electric motors suitable for aircraft. One of its most ambitious projects is to power the Airbus air taxi, the CityAirbus.



  1. I imagine that all electric propulsion should be rather quieter than fuel jet engines. Especially if wider ( more volume) air ejection can be used on take-off switching to narrower high velocity for level flight. I wouldn’t want to have any investment in anything using fossil fuels now. I have the highest regards for all involved in this futuristic enterprise.

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