Project Propeller saved for 2016

+VIDEO Project Propeller, which seeks to take WW2 RAF air crew for a flight in a light aircraft, has been saved for 2016 after Leeds East Airport stepped in at the last minute as a venue.

The event was due to have been staged at RAF Scampton on 4 June but the RAF cancelled with 12 days to go, leaving the organisers scrambling for an alternative venue.

“I am delighted to advise that Project Propeller will now be hosted at Leeds East (formerly RAF Church Fenton), on 4 June,” said Graham Cowie, one of the organisers.

“The option of Wickenby was fully explored, but owing to the short time available, they didn’t feel able to accept the number of aircraft inbound that was necessary to deliver the event there. Their support throughout this process has been magnificent.

“The good news is that Church Fenton have indicated that they can accept all participating aircraft, the runway lengths are sufficient, and we can be accommodated in a hangar.”

The idea of Project Propeller is to match up WW2 RAF air crew with current pilots and to gather together for a day at a significant location. The air crew and pilots meet up at a convenient airfield, fly to the venue for the day, then fly back home once the event comes to a close. In addition (and all other conditions being favourable), it is hoped that the veteran air crew get an opportunity for some more ‘stick and rudder’ time.

Pilots volunteer their services and aircraft to enable Project Propeller to take place. Much of the discussion and planning happens online at the FLYER Forum.

Project Propeller



  1. Hi Editors.

    I don’t object to the publication of this article to highlight the wonderful offer from Leeds East, but I’d be grateful if you could moderate the comments about the RAF. They have had discussions with other members of the organising team, but I was not party to them.

    The RAF are continuing to offer support by trying to reassign some of the events that were planned for Scampton to the new venue, and I am still engaged constructively with them.

    Many thanks

    Graham Cowie

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