Piper Aircraft announces next generation M600SLS

+VIDEO Piper Aircraft has announced the next generation M Series aircraft – the M600 SLS. ‘SLS’ stands for Safety, Luxury and Support and its equipment includes Garmin’s new Autoland emergency system.

Piper calls its all-embracing safety system HALO. Central to HALO is the Garmin Autoland but it also includes Auto-throttle, Automatic Level Mode, Hypoxia Recognition System with  Emergency Descent Mode, Enhanced Stability and Protection, Surface Watch, Safe Taxi and Flight Stream connectivity.

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Piper says the M600 SLS raises the bar in luxury with the addition of the EXP interior package as standard equipment. It enables the customer to select interior colour and custom materials, stitching patterns and contrasting threads, veneers and trim finishes.

Ownership of a M600 SLS is backed by a service programme for the first five years of ownership. The Ultimate Care Programme includes all scheduled maintenance, as well as hourly and calendar-based inspections.

“The M600 SLS and its HALO Safety System with Autoland is the result of an unwavering commitment to safety as well as the desire to evolve our products based on market input,” said President and CEO, Simon Caldecott.

“The HALO System greatly enhances situational awareness and operational safety through the use of advanced technology and is one the most significant advancements in General Aviation history.

“The team at Piper Aircraft is proud that they will be first to market with Garmin Autoland, which will ultimately help pave the way for others.”

Certification of the M600 SLS is imminent, said Piper. Base price is $2.994m. Performance of the M600SLS includes max cruise speed of 274ktas, max range 1,658nm and a ceiling of 30,000ft.

Piper Aircraft

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