Next-gen 600kg microlights here for May

The proposed 600kg microlight weight limit could be in place and functioning in the UK as early as next month, according to Geoff Weighell, CEO of the British Microlight Aircraft Association.

Geoff gave an update on how consultations with the CAA are progressing in a video of a seminar with microlight flight instructors (see below).

“The current target is regulatory requirements to be in position to enable 600kg microlights from early May 2021,” said Geoff.

“Airworthiness requirements are in hand and will be aligned with German and Czech [regulations] as closely as possible. Manufacturing requirements are in hand and will take into account systems outside the UK.

“Licensing requirements have been agreed, mainly focussing on differences training,” continued Geoff. “Differences training is given to pilots to prepare them for flying aircraft which have differences to the aircraft they are used to flying.

“Some differences training is mandated by regulation, some is not mandated but is sensible to consider.”

BMAA 600kg seminar

The elements which will require differences training include:

  • Tricycle undercarriage
  • Tailwheel
  • Supercharger or turbocharger
  • Variable pitch propeller
  • Electronic Flight Information Systems
  • Autopilot
  • More than one engine
  • Electric engine

The mandated differences training must be given by a flight instructor entitled to instruct of the aeroplane, recorded in the holder’s flying logbook, and endorsed and signed by the instructor.

Other differences training covers moving from a flex-wing microlight to fixed-wing and vice versa, and operating off water.



    1. Mentioned verbaly in video “the increase mtow of existing types”. Is that just newly registered microlight or microlight that are flying now?

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