Metal Seagulls becomes UK dealer for ULPower

Homebuilt aircraft specialist Metal Seagulls is the UK dealer for ULPower aero engines – and Patricia Mawuli Porter, co-owner of Metal Seagulls – is the first woman to be factory trained in the installation and maintenance of the Belgian engines.

Patricia, and her husband Jonathan Porter, took the ULPower ‘Installation and Maintenance Training Programme’ at ULPower headquarters in Ieper, Belgium earlier this month. As of 23 October 2017, Metal Seagulls is the official ULPower Aero Engines dealer for the UK and Ireland.

Patricia Mawuli receives certification from ULPower’s Patrick Denorm.

Jonathan and Patricia are not new to the aero engine market, having previously managed a Rotax dealership. Patricia is an experienced field technician, having also been the first woman to achieve Rotax iRMT certification in 2009.

The couple have extensive experience in using light aircraft for humanitarian, conservation, and surveillance projects, as well as having built more than a dozen aircraft themselves.

“My business is about providing appropriate engines for clients, whether homebuilders, OEMs or NGOs operating in developing nations,” said Patricia.

ULPower has been producing aero engines since 2006. Its 4- and 6-cylinder engines offer between 97 and 200 hp, and are equipped with FADEC (Fully Authority Digital Engine Control).

Metal Seagulls


  1. I thought Mark Jones was the UL POWER DEALER for the UK?
    I hope this wasn’t a hostile poaching of his business? Mark Jones is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met & someone I feel has served the microlighting fraternity impeccably, anyone stepping into his shoes had better be good as Mark Jones of Galaxy UL engines is a tough act to follow.

    I will be watching this with a lot of interest to see what the lowdown on it is?

    1. Mark recently posted a response to the news, on social media:

      “I am still in contact with ULPower and have left on good terms with them. They treated me well and helped me out as much as expected.
      I will always be positive about UL Power’s engines and will enjoy flying behind the best engine range on the market.”

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