Major upgrades for Garmin Pilot app

Garmin has significantly upgraded its Garmin Pilot flightplanning app for Apple iOS mobile devices. The announcement was made on the eve of Europe’s top General Aviation show, AERO, opening at Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Pilots flying around the globe, including Europe, now have the option of filing VFR flight plans for free directly with the country’s Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) through a Garmin Pilot subscription.

Additional features for iOS include a flight profile view, new VFR charts for the United Kingdom and France, customised personal minimums, preferred runway selection based on favourable winds, aera 660 integration and new subscription prices.

“We’re dedicated to growing our global presence with Garmin Pilot by now offering pilots the capability to file their flight plans directly within the app, while also expanding chart availability within select European countries,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin’s vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

“In addition to making a series of enhancements within Europe, we’ve incorporated many safety-minded features, including the option of displaying METARs within the flight profile view and incorporating customised personal minimums. All of these new features combined into a single app give customers added reassurance that flight-critical items are not overlooked during pre-flight planning and in-flight navigation.”

Garmin Pilot
The upgraded Pilot app connects with Garmin’s latest handheld GPS navigator, the aera 660. (Top: profile view of the new Garmin Pilot app).

The full list of new and revised features:

  • File a VFR flight plan within the app direct to the AIS
  • New VFR chart coverage within France adds to the recent addition of United Kingdom VFR charts within the app
  • Flight profile view expanded to include both iPad and iPhone, displaying a vertical cross section of airspace, terrain, obstacles and weather
  • New display options include METARs and bodies of water
  • When paired with the GTX 345, Flight Stream 210 or the GDL 39 3D, ADS-B In traffic can also be viewed within the profile view
  • Customised personal minimums or flight operations minimums can be entered into Garmin Pilot, including cloud ceiling and visibility minimums, as well as maximum crosswind component
  • Wind direction is colour-coded on the airport page, radial menu and split screen widgets to easily identify the preferred runway to takeoff and land at the departure/destination airport
  • Wireless flight plan transfer is enabled between the aera 660 and Garmin Pilot
  • New pricing of the Garmin Pilot base subscription provides worldwide navigation and weather for $149.99 (£105) annually. Charts extra.
Garmin Pilot
VFR charts of France have now joined UK charts available for the Garmin Pilot app.

The latest version of Garmin Pilot that enables these new features is available immediately in the Apple App Store.

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  1. I have recently purchased a Cessna 182Q with a Garmin 430W already installed. I am going to move that to 2nd position and install a Garmin 650 as the primary unit (removing the old Bendix King com 2). I am struggling to make sense of the different licencing (fee) options and want to keep my annual costs sensible. Any advice gratefully received. Currently I just use Sky Demon which I like for VFR…

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