LAA issues post-lockdown advice for aircraft owners

The Covid-19 lockdown will end one day – please! – and the LAA has prepared advice for owners to help return their aircraft to service safely.

The advice is in LAA Technical Leaflet TL 2.32, available via the LAA website and Facebook page. It provides detailed information on precautions if access to the aircraft can be gained but further storage is contemplated, and advice on planning the eventual the return to service of aircraft from storage.

Among the key elements of the 11-page leaflet are:

  • Engines: Inhibiting, oils and return to service after storage
  • Fuel: The risks of ‘stale’ mogas. Water or organic contamination
  • Airframes:  Inspection, cleaning, wildlife infestation. Corrosion prevention and remedies
  • Propellers: Inspection and maintenance
  • Documentation: Make sure you’re legal when flying can recommence
  • Initial flying tasks: Keep initial flights simple. Keep them safe.

“While all of us understand that the lockdown is necessary, we can all think about what we can do when we are once again allowed access to our aircraft,” said LAA CEO Steve Slater.

“The firm Government opinion, until we can make a robust and responsible case otherwise, remains that leisure flying or travel to airfields is not classed an essential activity.

“We’re continuing discussions with the CAA and DfT on how and when we might achieve a safe and sustained return to flying and we hope this leaflet will provide some assistance.

“The current few weeks lay-up is actually little more than many of these aircraft have during say, the winter period, and the storage conditions are currently much more benign.

“In fact there is likely to be a bigger risk from nesting wildlife than engine or airframe corrosion.”

The leaflet is available to all interested pilots via the ‘Aircraft and Technical’ section of the LAA website, or can be downloaded here.

Light Aircraft Association (LAA)

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