Ivan Shaw reveals new personal Seeker

Famed British aircraft designer Ivan Shaw revealed his latest aircraft at the weekend’s LAA Rally – the ISA (Ivan Shaw Aircraft) 180 Seeker.

Shaw, designer of the Europa kitplane and Liberty XL2 certified trainer, says the Seeker is designed to meet his ideal personal aerial transport requirements.

It is a twin-boom pusher that will carry a pilot who is up to 6ft 5in tall, weighing 250 lb, plus a full-size folding bicycle, a tent and personal baggage, at a 180kt cruise.

The aircraft was on show at the Rally but has yet to fly. It is powered by the latest highly efficient Rotax 912 iS – at 180kt cruise it’s burning 17 litres/hour but at a more modest ‘super economy’ cruise of 120kt that reduces to just 7 litres/hour.

Ivan Shaw
Ivan Shaw in his new personal aircraft, the ISA 180 Seeker, which made its debut at the LAA Rally. Photos: Ed Hicks
Shaw aircraft
Cockpit is a snug fit but big enough for a 6ft 5in pilot weighing up to 250 lb
Shaw aircraft
Engine is the Rotax 912 iS, with a close fitting cowling

Features include:

    • Advanced aerodynamics
    • Light weight carbon fibre pre-preg composite structures
    • Wings that can be folded by one person in one minute using an electronically operated key fob and electric ‘shoot bolts’
    • Garmin EFIS, avionics and two-axis autopilot
    • Retractable undercarriage that rugged enough for grass field operations
    • Small diameter three-blade prop
    • Engine silencer
    • Wingspan 5.8m
    • Wing area 6.76sq m
    • Length 5.2m
    • Electrically operated flaperons
    • Empty weight 260kg
    • Max weight 450kg
    • Useful load 188kg
    • All flying tailplane
    • Cabin width 26in
    • Vne 220kt
    • Stall speed (landing configuration) 53kt
    • Max cruise @8000ft, 75% power 196ktas
    • Fuel capacity and max range (standard tanks) 70 litres/1500 miles.


  1. Ivan

    This very much needs:

    1. Rotax 915iS

    2. MTOW of 600 kg under the new ULM rules

    3. Seat in the back to replace folding bike with passenger

    By the way, we are not all 6’5″ and 250 lbs. The capacity of 250 lbs would cover a lot of pilots and their passenger.

    If the Seeker 180 can cruise at 196 KTAS at 8,000 ft, on 70 HP odd that a Rotax 912iS can produce at that altitude, then a Rotax 915iS pumping out 120 HP, still at 8,000 ft, ought to push it along at around 235 KTAS.

    At 12,000 ft, there would be the possibility of the Rotax 915iS cracking 250 KTAS.

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