Govt issues new GA Roadmap

The government has reissued its statement about the UK being the best place in the world and updated its General Aviation Roadmap with a list of objectives.

“This starts at the grassroots,” says the GA Roadmap. “It provides the entry point for careers in aviation, as pilots, engineers, scientists and other highly skilled professions, and includes a number of vital businesses and services that are vital to the aviation sector, and is an enabler of innovation.

“We want GA to be a flourishing, wealth generating and job producing sector of the economy.”

The Roadmap goes on to identify key areas including:

  • The network of airfields is a national asset. Airfields provide crucial connectivity, both for business and emergency services, but also for leisure and sporting flying. Given their significant local and regional impacts, they are vital to levelling up.
  • It is vital we have airspace that is efficient and works for all users, enabling integration and a wide range of flying activities.
  • Government’s focus on innovation and decarbonisation will require testing and trialling of new innovations in aviation technology and cleaner fuels.
  • To be globally competitive in the future, we need a world-leading aviation skills programme, ensuring the sector is diverse, inclusive, and sustainable as it recovers for the future.

“This Roadmap provides an update on our GA Programme activities including our work with the CAA’s GA Unit, and our achievements over the last 12 months.

“It sets out our priorities for our ambitious future programme of work, both in the short/medium term to support the recovery of the sector and seize the opportunities following the EU transition period.”

The GA Roadmap can be downloaded here


  1. Really, the VGS squadrons have been disbanded no doubt for the saving, many flight schools have closed, where are the new pilots going to be trained? where is the STEM activity at schools? Nothing. In the immediate area, Henlow closed, Panshanger closed, Bourne closed, just where are we to infuse the young with aviation? Actually Henlow is really a lost opportunity, major 100 year old grass airfield with an existing flourishing school training pilots as was the VGS squadron before it was disbanded, now the airfield is derelict, plans for houses unwanted by the local authority with too little infrastructure available. What was the point? Make UK the best place for GA, we have some way to go for sure

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