Got a Brexit question for the CAA? Ask FLYER

Wondering what’s going to happen to aviation in the UK after the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December? You’re not alone so pose your question to FLYER and we’ll try and get an answer.

Whatever happens in the UK-EU trade discussions, one thing is certain: on 1 January 2021 the UK will leave the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and our own Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will take over responsibility for all areas of aviation safety and regulation.

The CAA has been staging a series of webinars for various sectors of aviation, including General Aviation. There’s a lot to cover including:

  • Pilot Licensing & Privileges
  • Pilot Training
  • Pilot Medicals
  • Aircraft Registration Status
  • Aircraft Airworthiness – Initial and Continuing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Engineer Licensing
  • Engineer Training

… and that’s just the start of it.

The CAA has said that it will be adopting existing EASA regulations so on 1 January 2021 there shouldn’t be too many issues. However, things will change as time goes on and to say certain issues are as clear as mud is an understatement.

The good news is that the CAA is actively engaging in trying to inform all sectors of aviation about how the change will affect them – and the Authority has agreed to answer all the questions that we, FLYER, can put before them.

We need your questions! Yes, we have many to ask but, as we’ve found out, many pilots and aircraft operators have individual issues. This is your chance to put your particular question to the Authority.

So, it’s a giant FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) exercise with FLYER acting as the collator of questions and funnelling them through to the CAA. The answers will be in the next issue of FLYER magazine, to be published digitally before Christmas.

Our deadline is coming up next week so don’t delay. Send your question, with your name and contact details (email is fine), to



  1. What is going to happen to my LAPL? Will I still be able to fly in the EU – and if I move to live in Germany in the future can I take my LAPL with me? Many thanks,

  2. So I’ve just been asked to move to Spain (Madrid) for my job. I currently hold a UK EASA license and UK PPL with class 2 medical, but now it seems if i move to Spain I will need the relevant EASA license and I’m too late to apply for the procedural SOLI change. Does anyone have any idea what the requirements will be to convert to an EASA in Spain? I assume a flight test and possible re take of exams ?

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