Germany certifies Tecnam P92 MkII as 600kg microlight

Tecnam’s P92 Echo MkII light aircraft has passed certification by the German aviation authority (the DULV) to the new German 600kg microlight regs allowed under an EASA ‘opt-out’ rule.

Germany was the first country to declare the opt-out, and also the first to develop and publish the necessary airworthiness requirements.

The UK aviation authorities have also indicated their inclination to ‘opt-out’ and establish a new 600kg limit for microlight aircraft. However, the shape, form and any additional regulation has yet to be confirmed.

The P92 Echo is a long-standing aircraft for Tecnam, first designed in 1992. Since then, more than 1,000 P92s have been delivered in the ‘ultralight’ class worldwide.

Tecnam P92 panel
Above and top: The Tecnam P92 Echo MkII. It’s just been certified by Germany in the ‘opt-out’ 600kg microlight category.

The MkII version is a substantial update with a more streamlined composite fuselage, bigger cabin with wider seats and more fore-and-aft adjustment for pilot and passenger. It has modern avionics options, including Garmin’s G3X Touch, optional ballistic recovery parachute,

In non-European countries, the P92 MkII is available in the Ultralight, US Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental categories, whereas the certified version, the P92JS, is available as the European CS-VLA.

Tecnam P92 Echo MkII

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