Garmin upgrades G1000 flight deck

Garmin has launched the next generation of its ground-breaking G1000 integrated flight deck. It’s called the G1000 NXi and has been certified already as a retro-fit installation on Beechcraft King Air 200 turboprop twins. The King Air 300/350 STC is expected soon.

Key features of the G1000 NXi:

  • Modernised flight display design with faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the displays thanks to faster processors
  • Contemporary fonts and animations for improved readability
  • New LED back-lighting
  • Flight Stream 510 available as an option, supporting Database Concierge for wireless transfer of aviation databases, flight plan transfer, sharing of traffic, weather, back-up attitude and GPS information between G1000 NXi and mobile devices running Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight mobile
  • Visual approaches integrated within G1000 NXi offer guidance in visual approach conditions based on a three-degree glideslope from the end of the runway
  • Geographical map overlay within the HSI on the PFD supports the display of NEXRAD, FIS-B weather, weather radar, SafeTaxi airport diagrams, traffic, terrain and more
  • SurfaceWatch runway monitoring option provides visual and aural cues to help prevent pilots from taking off and landing on a taxiway or on a runway that is too short or the wrong runway
  • G1000 NXi-equipped aircraft are rule-compliant with FAA and EASA ADS-B requirements, supporting the display of various ADS-B In benefits, including FIS-B weather and ADS-B traffic
  • Garmin’s TerminalTraffic and TargetTrend enhance the traffic picture
  • Weight saving of at least 250lb (113kg)

King Air operators with an existing G1000 integrated flight deck can upgrade to G1000 NXi with minimal aircraft downtime and disruption thanks to the displays having the same footprint and connector.