EASA certification for Garmin G3X Touch

Last year, the FAA granted Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for the installation of G3X Touch in nearly 500 certified single-engine piston aircraft, and now EASA has followed suit, making it available to tens of thousands of aircraft throughout Europe. 

Configuration options include a large 10.6-inch G3X Touch Primary Flight Display paired with a 7-inch Multi-Function Display.  Another option allows dual 7‑inch displays.

The G3X Touch can also work with the G5 EFIS and Garmin’s autopilot, the GFC 500 which includes features such as auto-trim, flight director, airspeed climbs and descents, dedicated level (LVL) mode, and Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP).

ESP provides underspeed and overspeed protection as standard and work in the background to help pilots avoid inadvertent flight attitudes or bank angles while hand-flying the aircraft. The addition of yaw damping (YD) minimises yawing oscillations and helps maintain coordinated flight by keeping the slip/skid indicator centred.

For IFR approach compatibility the G3X will need to be paired with one of Garmin’s IFR approved navigators such as the GTN750Xi – but older models such as the GNS430W/530W also meet the IFR requirements.

Prices for the equipment start at $7,995 for the 7 inch display or $9,995 for the 10.6in display. Prices include the install kit, ADAHRS, magnetometer and temperature probe, although obviously not the installation cost.


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