France dominates world aero championships

+VIDEO France dominated the results of the 2019 FAI World Aerobatic Championships, winning the Men’s, Women’s, Mixed and Team awards.

The only category that the French team didn’t win was the Freestyle event, won by the USA’s Rob Holland.

The championships took place from 22-31 August at Châteauroux-Déols airport in central France, with 11 teams and 17 countries competing.

Louis Vanel won the Mixed and Men’s events with Aude Lemordant taking first place in the Women’s competition.

“This year’s event has been a huge affair involving more than 240 individual performances,” said Nick Buckenham, president of the FAI Aerobatic Commission.

“Sports aviation has a strong presence in France and the competition has attracted spectators from a wide area, so it’s great to see the French team putting in a fantastic performance once again.”


1 Louis Vanel (FRA)
2 Alexandre Orlowski (FRA)
3 Mikhail Mamistov (RUS)
26 Chris Brook (GBR)
49 Anthony Onn (GBR)
53 Phil Burgess (GBR)
56 Mélanie Astles (GBR)

1 Aude Lemordant (FRA)
2 Svetlana Kapanina (RUS)
3 Bénédicte Blanchard (FRA)
7 Mélanie Astles (GBR)

1 Louis Vanel (FRA)
2 Alexandre Orlowski (FRA)
3 Mikhail Mamistov (RUS)
24 Chris Brook (GBR)
45 Anthony Onn (GBR)
48 Phil Burgess (GBR)

1 Robert Holland (USA)
2 Castor Fantoba (ESP)
3 Martin Sonka (CZE)
11 Mélanie Astles (GBR)

1 France
3 Russia
6 Great Britain

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