Apex – formerly Avions Pierre Robin – has issued an AD for its DR 400 series aircraft, especially

The aircraft affected are, in general, those with a “wing lower surface repair (patch)
that has been implemented as a result of” previous ADs – except those “whose
wing lower fabric was entirely replaced as an alternate to the patch repair”.

The AD results, says Apex, “from two reports describing the tearing of the wing
lower surface covering fabric. The tearing is supposed to have started at the patch
leading edge installed during implementation of DGAC AD 2003-348. In both
cases, the aircraft landed safely.”

The AD, in pdf format, is at <a href=’http://www.apex-aircraft.com/fic-communiques/1164018358-EASA_EAD_2006-0347-E_1.pdf’ target=’_blank’>www.apex-aircraft.com</a>, and includes information on compliance, and a fuller run-down on the aircraft involved.

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