EASA approves Flarm for helicopters

EASA has approved the Flarm collision avoidance system for fixed installations into helicopters.

Up ’til now, helicopter operators had to apply for individual installation approvals from EASA or use PowerFLARM Portable.

The newly published EASA Certification Memorandum (CM) extends generic FLARM installations from ELA2 aircraft (previously available as a Standard Change or an AML-based Minor Change) to all CS‑23, CS‑27 and CS‑29 aircraft, including all rotorcraft.

“This is a huge advancement for GA safety in Europe”, said Daniel Hoffmann, general manager at Flarm Technology.

“We have seen a massive increase in demand for Flarm from helicopter operators all around Europe in just the last two years. In Switzerland, almost all helicopters already have Flarm. In Germany and other European countries, many large operators, including the Federal Police, ADAC and DRF, have Flarm installed in their large helicopter fleets.”

Flarm Technology

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