EASA announces transition timetable for flying schools

Flying schools which only teach the private pilot syllabus will be able to move to a simpler oversight regime, known as a Declared Training Organisation (DTO), from next year, following a timetable announced by EASA.

The process to transfer from the existing Registered Training Facility  to a DTO will run from 8 April 2018 to 8 April 2019, subject to final approval by the European Commission. It is part of EASA’s General Aviation roadmap to simplify regulation.

If a school only offers training for private flying qualifications then the DTO category cuts down the requirements and uses a much simpler oversight regime. It’s a possibility that a school merely needs to declare that its activities meet the set standards rather than have to obtain a full approval.

“We believe the move to Declared Training Organisations is a sensible and proportionate one,” said Tony Rapson, Head of the CAA’s GA Unit.

“It means that we’ll have realistic levels of safety oversight while avoiding the need for many training schools to have to comply with the more complex and costly requirements of an Approved Training Organisation.”

More detail of the transition process to DTOs, including a consultation on the CAA charges for oversight of the organisations, will be published as a CAA consultation later this month. Declaration and training syllabus forms plus detailed guidance material on how to establish and operate as a DTO will be published in early 2018 on the CAA website.



  1. Hi, I wonder if you can help. I had my CAA PPL- A licence for 3 months then was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes treated with tablets. I then acquired an NPPL with a medical declaration from my doctor and continued to fly a PA28. I now have to take insulin for my diabetes, but have retained my HGV licence (Class 2 medical) by ongoing assessments by the DVLA. I now have to have a medical by a AME to obtain my LAPL licence as from April 2018, but it is quite an long process and costly to obtain to be able to fly P1 with passengers. Would you be able to tell me if it is the same medical process for me to fly with a safety pilot . Most of my flying is with a club member sharing the flight out and back. I have contacted my nearest AME and he is unsure and I have been able to get an answer from the CAA. Regards, Steve.

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