Coventry Airport completes switch to GA with new AFISO

Coventry Airport has launched its new Air Traffic Service (ATS) after completing the transition to an Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS), replacing the Air/Ground Service previously in use.

The airport has also been issued the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) certificate by the CAA. This shows the methods and practices followed by its air traffic unit meet the latest UK and European standards.

Paul Brown, Senior AFISO at Coventry Airport, has managed the transition to full AFIS operation. he said, “Coventry Airport has always had the facilities and infrastructure to deliver a top class general and private aviation airfield. The transition to full AFIS operations is a major milestone in the strategic growth of Coventry Airport.

“We’ve worked hard to develop an attractive option to GA pilots to visit an airport that offers competitive fees, easy access, plentiful tarmac and all of the services needed by pilots to plan an efficient arrival into the historic heart of England.”

To celebrate the launch of full AFIS operations, Coventry Airport is offering free landing fees to GA pilots on their first visit between Friday-Sunday throughout July and August 2018.

The package includes a free landing fee, airside parking, a ‘High Flyers’ menu served at The Oak Inn, discounted flight simulator and discounted entry to the Midland Air Museum.

Coventry Airport is part of Regional & City Airports, which also operates Norwich, Exeter and Bournemouth Airports.

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