CAA makes right decision on FAA PPLs

The CAA has finally made the right decision and exempted holders of FAA private pilot licences (PPLs) from having to complete a UK conversion or having to validate their licence, bringing the UK into line with the rest of Europe.

In officialspeak: ORS4 1228 notifies the Part-FCL Annex III licensing validation requirements for holders of third country, non-Part FCL, (EASA) licences wishing to exercise private, non-commercial, licence privileges, after 8 April 2017.

It explains that, whilst the final terms of EU-US bilateral aviation safety agreement (BASA) for mutual licence recognition are still under negotiation, affected FAA licence holders will be exempt from the need for full compliance with Annex III, subject to their satisfying certain criteria drawn from the current draft BASA.

The criteria proposed will permit the continued interim use of FAA Class 3 medicals for the non-commercial flying in question until such time as the finalised, signed BASA is in place.



  1. yes the CAA has made the right decision. Now all we need is for the FAA to make the right decision and allow us similar use of a UK or EASA PPL to fly in the US without having to get any validation.

  2. About time to, A PPL licence issued by the FAA is as valid as one issued by the CAA or any other EASA ppl Licence , lets hope the FAA will reciprocate quickly?

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an international organisation that covered this sort of thing so that each country member agreed standards for aircraft and pilot licences and offered reciprocal privileges?

  4. I agree with the previous comments having maintained an FAA license an UK PPL for many years then having to add EASA FCL in addition to UK PPL, thus enabling me to fly Permit aircraft and normal type certificated aircraft plus N reg. All very confusing to me and one license or mutual recognition would be great. Works for ATPL, doesn’t it? One medical would be nice too…….

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