BMAA launches flight training for sub-70kg aircraft

The new sub-70kg class of microlights is probably the cheapest and least regulated type of flying – the aircraft are exempt for registration and you do not need a pilot’s licence to fly one.

However, taking some form of training is obviously sensible and now the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) has launched a training package.

“The BMAA strongly advises that you take this training with an experienced instructor, not just your mate who ‘does a bit of flying‚’ ” said Rob Grimwood, chairman of the BMAA’s training committee.

The BMAA’s training package suits this type of aircraft and has the bonus that it allows you to progress through to ultimately gaining an NPPL(M) if you wish to do so in the future. The training will be delivered through the BMAA’s network of CAA approved instructors, and includes dual training in a two-seat approved microlight.

The syllabus will be similar to the current NPPL(M) pilot’s licence and includes:

  • Dual flying with a CAA qualified instructor
  • Solo flying under supervision of a CAA qualified instructor in Self-Propelled Hang Glider
  • Ground training completed by taking the NPPL(M) examinations in Air Law, Aircraft Technical, Meteorology, Navigation and Human Factors.

An option, if the student wishes, is to complete the training by taking a General Skills Test (GST), conducted by a microlight flight examiner, and they could then gain an NPPL(M) licence with operational limitations. Additionally, after successfully completing another 10 hours of flying (which could be done solo under supervision) the licence holder could then take passengers in a two-seat microlight.

“The BMAA sees that a great benefit of this route through training is that the student can choose just do the initial training if they want to but, because it is taken with qualified microlight instructors, they could at any time continue with further training and ultimately end up with a full licence and the ability to take passengers, ” said Rob.

BMAA sub-70kg microlight training


  1. I appreciate that taking the exams is the correct thing to do but my question is that the exams only last 2 years if a gst in not taken, is this going to remain the case as it does not seem fair.

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