Bell & Ross BR-Bird to race at Reno?

This is the gorgeous, sensational BR-Bird, a single-seater powered by a V12 Rolls-Royce Falcon engine, and constructed from high-tech materials such as graphite, fibreglass, titanium and aluminum alloy.

It’s the brainchild of Bruno Belamich, co-founder and creative director of watch company Bell & Ross, though clearly with some inspiration from the famous Bugatti 100P. The intention is to race the BR-Bird at the annual Reno Air Races in Nevada, USA.

Bell Ross BR Bird Reno

Bell Ross Racing Bird Reno plane

Bell & Ross are no strangers to building race vehicles having been behind the B-Rocket, AeroGT and Bellytanker.

Not surprisingly, Bell & Ross is also launching two new Racing Bird watches to go with the aircraft.

Bell & Ross Racing Bird 


  1. Fine to design a car or a motorcycle as you can almost always stop if something is going wrong … designing a plane is another story … sounds like a marketing campaign with nothing behind… No flyers or teams make money at the Reno races.

  2. Nice/interesting looking bird but sadly lacking in visibility is my only real negative. Well, It should also have a Radial engine.

  3. And of course the RR Grifon was not derived from the Merlin – an entirely different engine.

  4. A bit more than some “inspired” by the 100P. More like an updated copy. Not any more inspired than the chronograph that has the same name.

  5. A Rolls Royce Falcon? An engine designed in 1915? I suspect you mean something else. I hope this isn’t just a marketing ploy and that the aircraft gets built.

  6. I’m working on scaled flying models and have every reason to believe performance will be sparkling, a typical racer design nothing too radical but it certainly turns heads so to speak.

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