Bearhawk to launch two-seat Companion kitplane

Texas company Bearhawk Aircraft is to launch a new kitplane with two seats side by side, the Bearhawk Companion.

The new model will fit into Bearhawk’s existing range of two-seat tandem and four-seat aircraft.

Mark Goldberg, owner of Bearhawk Aircraft kit manufacturing, said, “We have heard from many buyers that desire a side-by-side, two-place aircraft with all the great features of the Bearhawk designs.”

The Bearhawk Companion is based on the company’s existing Patrol’s wings with a fuselage derived from its 4-Place. It is aimed at backcountry and cross-country flyers.

The Bearhawk Companion can be powered by the lower cost and readily available Lycoming 4-cylinder engines including the 320/360/370/375 variants and IO-390 providing 150–210 hp. It will have a large cargo area behind the seats able to carry 225lb of cargo. Gross weight is 2200lb gross weight, an increase of 200lb over the tandem Patrol.

Bearhawk Aircraft

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