All change for aerobatics at White Waltham

Mike and Emily Collett, former British champions and members of the British Advanced Aerobatics team, have taken over Alan Cassidy’s aerobatics business at White Waltham airfield.

Alan has run Freestyle Aviation at White Waltham for more than 25 years, and is a four-times British aerobatics champion. Alan has also written the definitive book on aerobatics Better Aerobatics, as well as being  a judge in aerobatic competitions.

Mike and Emily will operate under their own company name, Ultimate Aerobatics, and Alan will continue to share his experience and knowledge by continuing to instruct and offer aerobatic flights.

Alan Cassisy
Alan Cassidy, far left, winner of an advanced aerobatics competition in 2016, standing next to Emily and Mike Collett who came second and third! More here

The Colletts are keen to share their passion with everyone,even if just for the most gentlest of aerobatics for the most nervous of pilots or passengers. They will be offering flights to anyone who has a desire to experience aerobatics, for aerobatic training or to buy a flight as a gift.

Alan’s famous Pitts S2A will also be available for competition hire at competitive rates.

Mike Collett said, “Whilst it is a daunting task to follow in the footsteps of one of the all-time great Pitts pilots, we are excited to take on this new venture and are delighted that Alan is willing to stay involved and share his experience with us and our students. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Total and Trig in this new venture”

Ultimate Aerobatics


  1. Alan Cassidy has been a phenomenal influence on aerobatics both in the UK and internationally with CIVA. Freestyle Aerobatics at White Waltham, with Alan as its primary instructor, has enabled a huge number of pilots to gain their skills at all levels of the sport. Alan and Angela deserve the heartfelt thanks of the whole community for their efforts.
    Emily and Mike Collett have a hard act to follow but I am sure they will continue to enhance the fine reputation through Ultimate Aerobatics. I wish them well.

  2. Found out about this from Emily and Mike a couple of days ago.
    The good news is that Alan, with his brilliant aerobatic skills and particularly his teaching ability, will be augmenting those of two of the brightest and well-qualified young pilots in the country.
    Maybe Alan himself can now relax a bit and hopefully get down to writing a couple more books and a few more articles on the subject of which he must be the ultimate source.
    Yes, he will be a hard act to follow but both Emily and Mike have the knowledge that, behind them still, they have the very best in the business.
    Happy retirement, Boss, and thanks for everything.

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