AeroJones demos full flight sim for light sport aircraft

Professional pilots are trained to fly airliners using full motion flight simulators but for private pilots and light aircraft – surely not?

Surely yes – AeroJones, which manufactures Flight Design light sport aircraft in Xiamen, China has created just that, a full motion flight simulator for the CTLS.

The AeroJones CTLS Simulator allows pilots, or those trying a light aircraft for the first time, to learn the operation and controls of the aircraft.

Large TV screens provide a simulated horizon and a six-axis motion system gives visual and tactile feedback to occupants.

AeroJones CTLS flight sim

The simulator was demonstrated to pilots at the AirVenture Australia airshow recently – and was hugely popular.

“We had 70 people on the opening day, 80 on the second day, and more than 100 people on the third day,” said Charlie Chen, who handles international business for AeroJones.

“Despite limiting those sampling the CTLS Simulator to a few minutes per person, AeroJones staff were busy from opening to closing.” In all, more than 250 tried the simulator during the three-day show.

In China and Taiwan, AeroJones has taken multiple orders for the $50,000 CTLS Simulator to be used in universities and flight training operations. AeroJones has the manufacturing and distribution rights in the Asia-Pacific region for the CTLS.

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