Will we have to ‘free Colin’?

World traveller Colin Hales is preparing to continue his flight across eastern Russia to China. He’s hoping for a last minute change of mind by Russian authorities who are insisting he flies at 19,000ft, far beyond the capabilities of his Rand KR-2 two-seat homebuilt.

Nyet permission,” said Colin yesterday. “Who ever gave me permission to use those lower airway levels probably was going beyond their remit. Now they are saying I must fly FL190 to continue. Anyone up for a ‘free Colin’ campaign?”

Colin Hales
Follow Colin via his website. Today he’s at Magadan Airport, Sokol, east Russia.

Entry into China is far from guaranteed as well as Colin believes he needs an invitation to enter. “A tourist visa may not work for too long if they find out I have my own plane and no outward going commercial flight booked,” he said. Colin plans to attend Airshow China at Zhuhai in early November.

The KRii round-the-world solo flight by Colin in the aircraft he built himself is completely unsupported and has no sponsorship.

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