Reasons why people joined The FLYER Club

Have you been thinking of joining The FLYER Club? We could give you plenty of reasons, but why not hear it straight from our members… 

In our most recent member survey the top two reasons were the free landing fee vouchers and put simply, supporting a brand you like.

For those of you who joined because of the free landing fee vouchers, we’ll keep working hard to add to the airfields currently included. (If you’re an airfield that would like to join in, please contact us).

To those of you who joined just because you like what we do and you want to support us, THANK YOU! Your support helps our team keep generating the content you love.

If you’re not a FLYER Club member, we would love to have you on board! If you have enjoyed what FLYER has offered over the years – the magazine, news, forum, reviews, interviews, photos, ideas… the list goes on, please support us so we can keep doing what we do best!

£2.50 a month or £30 per year helps us keep providing pilots and aviation enthusiasts with current aviation news and a place to exchange opinions and experiences.

If you love FLYER, please support us.

More info about The FLYER Club here.

Here are a few quotes from the Club Members about The FLYER Club:

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