Wellesbourne Airfield under threat of demolition

The battle to save Wellesbourne Airfield is back on… and this could be the deciding action. The owners of the airfield and the land have not renewed the leases of businesses on the field and they are due to run out later this month.

The local newsapper, the Stratford Herald, has reported the imminent closure of the airfield with demolition crews standing by to take down the existing buildings. However, there is a process the owners have to follow to gain permission before demolition can start, and the airfield and businesses are likely to stay open for January at least.

The threat of closure has resurfaced despite Stratford Council refusing to include the airfield in its housing plan, and promising to preserve the airfield for aviation.

This is likely to be a developing story through December.

Stratford Herald news story


  1. Grant Shapps MP is a PPL with his own aircraft. I’m not aware of any move to fight this development but might it not be worth a shot to write to Grant for advice/support possibly bringing these closures to a halt to save GA ?

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