Wellesbourne compulsory purchase approved

Stratford District Council is going ahead with its plan to carry out a Compulsory Purchase Order for Wellesbourne Airfield.

The council cabinet has approved a report giving authority to make, confirm and implement a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) to acquire the airfield.

Councillor Lynda Organ said, “This is the next major milestone in the Compulsory Purchase Order process. Negotiations have been ongoing with the owners, which is all part of the CPO process, for the voluntary acquisition of the Order Land.

“However after today’s decision the CPO will now run in parallel to the negotiations in order to guarantee acquisition of the land and safeguard its operational use. The Order Land is an important employment site, of which there is a shortage within the District, supporting a number of local jobs.”

The council has been negotiating with the landowner about the possible voluntary sale of the land – a legal requirement before any CPO can be launched.

It has also investigated how the airfield would be managed in the future. Consortia that could operate the airfield in partnership with the District Council to provide a financial return have already been identified.

The District Council’s budget for the next financial year next year (2019/20) has approved funding to cover the legal costs associated with the Compulsory Purchase Order and support a key part of the District Council’s adopted Core Strategy of committing to supporting aviation activity at Wellesbourne Airfield.

Also in the recent budget consultation, 61% of respondents supported the District Council’s proposals for Wellesbourne Airfield.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council


  1. Absolutely fabulous news and I pray it all results in time for a satisfactory conclusion and retention of the Airfield and its current operations and also the businesses and loyal committed people behind them and supporters/visitors and local people….

  2. Who’d have thought a CPO marks a successful end to an airfield preservation!
    Now, about relocation of aircraft-based businesses to the airfield able to take full advantage of the facilities…

  3. Fantastic news and brilliant for sight, Well done Stratford Council and take note Surrey and other Councils. I will fly into Wellesbourne this year to celebrate the survival of this great airfield and its history.

  4. It must not be forgotten that all the tenants and operators have experienced a very difficult, stressful and expensive time with the threatened closure of the Airfield that had been inherited not constructed by the owners.

    Once the CPO has been implemented the Council should ensure the site is Safeguarded, navigational aids for operational efficiency are installed and that development of premises to ensure a third party income stream is allowed. Overall it will lay down a marker that other Councils should take note of that only disused aerodromes that have no potential future use for aviation are considered for speculative housing developments

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