Wanted! Five brave new world pioneers for Magnus

Hungarian company Magnus Aircraft is looking for five brand ambassadors to test fly its eFusion all-electric aircraft for the next 18 months.

The company wants to monitor the aircraft in use and get feedback from operators before the eFusion goes on sale. Magnus plan to sell the eFusion for €200,000 each, which includes two battery packs and a charging station. Each battery pack lasts for approx 45 minutes flying at the moment, but can be changed for a fresh pack in about five minutes. Recharge for a battery pack is 40 minutes.

The eFusion is based on Magnus Aircraft’s existing Fusion 212 Rotax 912 powered Light Sport Aircraft. The Fusion 212 is approved in Hungary and the USA, and is undergoing EASA LSA certification at the moment.

There are a few criteria to become an eFusion brand ambassador. First, you must be an existing operator of a Fusion 212 and second, you must have access to a qualified electrical engineer.

Fit the bill? Contact Magnus Aircraft here


  1. What an awesome opportunity! Not many companies offer such hands on marketing research to such extent. Flyer employees are lucky people. Who wouldn’t love to help test out planes for the next 18 months!

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