Volocopter wins €25m for self-flying taxi

What’s more significant? The fact that Volocopter has received 25m euro to further develop its self-flying taxi, or that the investment has come from car firm Daimler and technology entrepreneur Lukasz Gadowski?

Whatever, the injection of cash enables Volocopter to improve the technology in its electrically driven VTOLs, (eVTOL) and speed up the introduction of a production Volocopter.

Volocopter has already won a deal with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority to start demonstrations of an autonomous air taxi later this year. By 2030 Dubai aims to carry out 25% of its passenger transportation with the help of autonomous means of transport.

“The strong financial commitment of our new investors is a signal as well as proof of the growing confidence in the newly emerging market for electrically driven VTOLs put to use as personal air taxis,“ said Florian Reuter, managing director of Volocopter.

Lukasz Gadowski  said, “I have been interested in flying cars and following their development for a while. When I saw the Volocopter I got it – the ‘flying car’ has no wheels!

“What is exciting at Volocopter is not just the magnificent vision but also that which has already been tangibly implemented. Huge ambition with both feet on the ground – a unique combination!”


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