Ultimate Aerobatics announces two scholarships for rating

Ultimate Aerobatics, in partnership with Total UK Aviation Fuels, is offering an aerobatics rating scholarship for two pilots.

The two scholarships will result in the pilots achieving the EASA Aerobatic Rating, which will then allow them to compete at British Aerobatic competitions. The successful applicants will receive training during 2020.

The aerobatic rating requires a minimum of five hours of aerobatic training and will be done in either Ultimate Aerobatics’ Pitts Special S2A or Extra 330LX. The award will also include one entry to a competition and an ongoing mentoring programme for each of the winners.

Ultimate Aerobatics is a centre of excellence for aerobatic training in the UK, based at West London Aero Club at White Waltham Airfield. Training will be led by Mike Collett, a previous national champion, and his team of instructors.

Ultimate Aerobatics specialises in aerobatic training for competition and a number of students have already tasted success in national championships.

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