UK licence holders can fly Part 21 aircraft

The UK government has made changes to the UK (EU) Aircrew Regulations to allow pilots with a UK national licence and current SEP, SLMG, SSES or TMG Class Rating to fly UK registered Part 21 aircraft.

The legislation came into force today, 16 June 2021, and supersedes Exemption ORS4 No 1471 which granted the same privilege on a temporary basis.

Part 21 aircraft are those that were previously managed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and were considered as EASA types. It covers all certified aircraft including popular piston singles such as Cessna, Piper, Cirrus and Diamond aircraft.

Holders of a licence with a SEP Class Rating are limited to similar privileges of the UK Part-FCL LAPL(A), while flying UK (G) registered Part 21 aeroplanes.

For full details see The Aviation Safety (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2021 (SI 2021 No. 614) here.


  1. UK licence holders can fly UK registered aircraft.

    Why is this an announcement?

    1. Presumably “on a UK PPL” rather than “on an EASA PPL”.
      But can you fly them into Europe on a UK PPL ?

    2. Because for over a year (14 months to be precise) U.K. licence holders HAVE NOT been able to fly U.K. registered aircraft. If that aircraft was classified as a part 21 aircraft (generally one flying with a Certificate of Airworthiness) if the pilot did not hold an EASA PPL or LAPL or the later U.K. Part FCL PPL or LAPL. I.e. anyone who was flying using their old (pre JAR and EASA) lifetime ppl, or one of the newer national subICAO licences such as the NPPL.

      I was caught in this trap. I gained the NPPL on a PA28 then flew a Robin DR200 following licence issue. But in Apr 2020 this was forbidden and I was grounded. The only option for people on these licences was to fly Permit to Fly aircraft.

      So yes it is news….

  2. Aren’t we talking about NPPL, which is not internationally recognised, and a PPL issued in the UK?

  3. I think you can fly into anywhere inEurope if it is a UK issued part FCL licence, full PPL.
    Some states do not accept sub ICAO licences like the NPPL. Depends on the state. France will let you on an NPPL

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