uAvionix announces SkyEcho 2 electronic conspicuity device

uAvionix is about to release SkyEcho 2, a newer, less expensive version of its ADS-B electronic conspicuity device.

SkyEcho 2 has more functions than the existing SkyEcho at a lower price of £349 + VAT.

Christian Ramsey, president uAvionix said, “We love the progressive stance that the UK CAA has taken regarding portable ADS-B systems for electronic conspicuity, and we want to see it have every chance of being successful.

“With SkyEcho 2, we’ve designed a future-proof system that is both affordable and expandable to protect pilots’ investments in flying more safely.”

SkyEcho 2 capabilities include:

  • 1090MHz ADS-B OUT per UK CAP1391
  • 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS-B IN for traffic and weather display on Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps
  • Dual internal antennas tuned to maximise ADS-B performance
  • Internal uAvionix TSO certified FYX GPS capable of SIL=1 upon update of CAP1391, ensuring visibility by ground and airborne receivers
  • Internal barometric altimeter for reporting pressure altitude
  • DroneAware receiver for detection and tracking of drones equipped with uAvionix DroneAware technology
  • Mode C/S transponder proximity detection for detection of aircraft not equipped with ADS-B OUT.

Optional extra functions:

  • Internal AHRS available via GDL 90 for synthetic vision and attitude indicator capabilities on EFB apps
  • External receivers for additional traffic types such as PilotAware and FLARM
  • LCD traffic warning display
  • Flight Data Recorder.

Launch at AERO Friedrichshafen
SkyEcho 2 will be launched at Aero Friedrichshafen next week (18-21 April) and uAvionix will start taking orders in May 2018 with deliveries beginning in June 2018. The additional external hardware expansion capabilities will begin to become available during autumn 2018.

UK UAT weather trials

uAvionix UAT weather trials UK
uAvionix is currently conducting UAT ADS-B weather broadcast trials in the UK with navigation software provider SkyDemon. Two new sites have recently been added to the trial: Wycombe Air Park and Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey. Farnborough and Popham are to follow once approved.



  1. Sounds really good – with so many gliders about I’d be interested to understand more about how Flarm can be received as well..?

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