Trig reports on role in Airspace4All Trials

Trig Avionics has reported on its recent involvement with Airspace4All and the ADS-B trial taking place at City Airport (Barton).

Trig’s Mode S and ADS-B Out technology is being flight tested – the aim being to improve safety in the circuit. The Airspace4All – GA Airfield ATS and ADS-B Traffic Display Trial has provided Air Traffic Service staff with a real time live display of local ADS-B Out equipped aircraft in their vicinity.

ADS-B reduces the risk of aircraft collision, by significantly enhancing the local ATS staff’s visual look out from the control tower.

Steve Hutt, Electronic Conspicuity Lead & Trial Project Manager at Airspace4All said, “General aviation pilots who already use a Mode S ES transponder can get the benefit of enhanced visibility and safety by incorporating a GPS into their setup – to become ADS-B Out equipped.

“There are many pilots with Trig Mode S transponders who could easily deploy this technology. Using a Trig TN72 GPS, with a Trig transponder activates ADS-B Out. This makes an aircraft visible on ADS-B traffic displays – used in our trial by ATS and also by other pilots.”

Flying instructor Kate Sims is based at Barton Aerodrome, where the trials are being conducted. She has operated with a Trig TT31 transponder and TN72 GPS for over 130 hours.

Kate said, “The installation was relatively straight forward, the aircraft was visible at all times to Barton ATS on their ADS-B Traffic Display. The TN72 proved to be very reliable and ‘came on’ without any problems when the transponder was switched on.”

Barton Airport Director Nick Duriez said, “Having been a FISO for 20 years, the ADS-B Traffic Display has been nothing but positive. It enables me to provide a much better service as a FISO, giving me a tool to enhance my own situational awareness.

“Rather than relying solely on pilot position reports, I can now confidently know where aircraft are, identify relevant traffic information and assist pilots in avoiding conflicts.”

An ADS-B Safety Evening is being held for pilots across the northwest at City Airport (Barton) on 9 October at 19:00. Airspace4All, the Barton ATS Team and Trig Avionics will all be presenting. The objective is to share with pilots the insights and learnings from the trial and show how ADS-B is a genuine safety benefit for GA. The event is free, places are available here.

Airspace4All – GA Airfield ATS – ADS-B Traffic Display Trial

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