Track piston aircraft with FlightAware’s Aviator

Flight information company FlightAware has launched flight tracking for piston aircraft pilots and operators.

FlightAware’s Aviator is subscription-based software, accessible via the web and iOS. Any subscriber can register multiple aircraft, including rentals, and unlock features like Ready To Taxi‚ Premium Weather and Map Layers, Surface Visualisations, FBO Scheduling, and ETAs that are automatically updated via FlightAware’s machine predictive technology, Foresight.

Daniel Baker, FlightAware CEO, said, “Aviator was created by FlightAware pilots to share advanced flight tracking features with other piston airplane pilots. Over the years we’ve gone from flight tracking to becoming the central data hub for both the business and commercial aviation industries.

“With Aviator, we’re bringing a product with robust tools and processes developed for the most sophisticated flight departments and commercial airlines, right to the GA pilot.”

FlightAware Aviator will issue alerts for all stages of a flight from preflight and taxi out, airborne flights, and landing and taxi in. Aviator also provides monthly history reports for pilots and operators to review flight details.

FlightAware Aviator

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