Three men in a helo head for UK

+VIDEO Three pilots on a world tour by Robinson R66 helicopter are on their way to the UK, expected here later this week. Find their current position here

The Epic Global Heli Tour took off from Whistler, Canada, on 1 May intending to fly more than 30,000 miles around the world. The team is shooting a Video Blog (Vlog) and posting updates on YouTube here.

The mission behind the flight is to promote business entrepreneurship, staging conferences at venues along the route, led by Ruben Dias. Two of Ruben’s businesses are sponsoring the flight, FastTrack, a venture capital company and Eight, a plant-based food lounge.

“We’re three guys flying round the world inside a helicopter, jam-packed with almost 30 years of business success stories to share,” said Dias.

“The helicopter was no random choice. Inside any helicopter cockpit one finds a precise fine-tuned environment with no room for mistakes and little tolerance for blurred focus. Pretty much the same environment you should be grooming inside your own business. Our conferences will show exactly how you can achieve that corporative state of mind.”

The video below shows a flight from Ilulissat to Kulusuk, Greenland.

“It was a huge day and big accomplishment for us, ” said Mischa Gleb, one of the pilots. “We were trying to make it to Iceland but weren’t able to. We had to ferry some fuel out to a remote helipad and then continue on. We had low ceilings and fog patches to deal with.

“By the end of the day we were tired and happy to get to our beds. A huge thanks to Air Greenland for helping us arrange the fuel.”

Follow the Epic Tour here

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