December issue of FLYER out – read it FREE!

The December 2020 issue of FLYER has just been uploaded and is available to read online or download on either desktop or mobile platforms here.

In the December issue of FLYER 2020:

A £250 rebate offer from the CAA towards Electronic Conspicuity kit means now is the time to make the aircraft you fly more visible. Ian Seager checks out the kit you might be considering.

Fixed-pitch props are fine but learning to fly with a constant-speed propeller opens avenues to lots of new aircraft. Peter Steele reports.

In Accident Analysis, FLYER Safety editor Steve Ayres examines recent accidents that show how handling an emergency is much more challenging when you know you are running out of fuel.

In the First Solo interview we chat to LAA Chief Engineer, Francis Donaldson, for whom learning to navigate cross-country seemed a much bigger challenge than his first solo.

Fascinated with the Hebrides, Adriaan Pelzer takes his own island fling when he explores the beauty of the islands, amid all weathers in this issue’s Flying Adventure.

In Top Gear, as Christmas marches ever closer, we give you a few ideas that might just save you from yet more socks and jumpers.


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  • Great columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager
  • Plus all the latest news


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