CAP 10 relaunched by CEAPR as 10C NG

The much-loved CAP 10 two-seat aerobatic aircraft with side-by-side seating has been relaunched at AERO as the updated 10C NG (New Generation). The French designed … Read more

Diamond chooses V6 turbodiesel for DA50

The new Chinese owner of Diamond Aircraft has changed direction with the company’s moribund five-seat DA50 single-engine aircraft and decided to equip it with Continental’s … Read more

GameBird GB1 aerobatic aircraft

Aeros certificate for GameBird GB1

Game Composites’s boss Philipp Steinbach has issued an upbeat report on progress of the British-designed, US-made aerobatic GB1 GameBird aircraft. Philipp told FLYER that GameBird … Read more


Flaris jet makes first flight

+VIDEO The Polish designed single-engine personal jet, Flaris LAR1, has made its first flight. “This is a milestone for the project,” said Rafal Ladzinski, head of … Read more

Lockwood AirCam

AirCam upgrades include third seat

The distinctive twin-engine AirCam from US company Lockwood Aircraft is being substantially upgraded for 2019, including an optional third seat. The latest model, known as … Read more